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Elmarune - The Lay of the Land

Fargale Continent is the place I know best, but after I began flying the Stonebird to Elmara City every once in a while, the whole planet opened up to me. I feel I know my world like a good friend. There's so much I've seen and heard that I have an urge to write it all down.

On my first solo flight to Elmara City I borrowed Uncle Berrin's camera, a Findolfin GR-200, and found a few spare moments to snap shots from the cockpit. You can see a few details of the lands I fly over.

A storm over East Fargale continent. It's the first thing I see after the first big climb into space is done. When I took off, Dad was worried about the weather, and with good reason. You can see the Wherf peninsula where my family originates.
This is a cheat. I didn't take this pic from the Stonebird but from a bladehopper the week before, flying over Fargale Plain below the canyon. But I often see this view from the cockpit after take-off or before landing. This is said to be the crater where the Blind Warlord crashed his supercruiser to stop it falling into the hands of his conquering enemy, Sarchand. See the purple rock in the area. Too much potassium, they say. It makes farming hard.
After Fargale I fly over the Mouse Seas, scattered with islands huge and tiny.
On one of the largest I spotted this odd mountain. A geologist in Elmara told me it was formed from a volcanic time, when pressure forced a huge granite chunk up through Elmarune's crust.

To reach Elmara City the quick way, I fly over the north pole and often see the aurora. I'm so glad that Elmarune has a strong enough magnetic field to create such a spectacle! Amazing. It's just solar wind particles moving in the planet's magnetic field and giving off all kinds of coloured light. And you can just see the edge of the Stonebird's right wingtip.

Image credits: Nasa images

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