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Star Catalog

This all started when Sy threw me out of the tent one night, claiming he absolutely had to get some privacy and some peace and quiet. So, what to do? I walked to and fro with Charp (and how I miss the little slithering pup now!), and began staring up at the stars. Man, you can't count those little diamonds! 

I knew the names of a few, and knew which ones are inhabited, more or less, but I realised I was pretty ignorant. Just another ordinary nomad who gets pushed around by his elder brother. So I started this catalog. And last week when I was hopping over to Elmara again in the Stonebird, I heard a good bit of radio traffic between E-One and some seven-space freighters. I even plucked up my courage and asked a few questions of the starfolk I met. Here's most of what I learned.

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Nychame's star system is like a mad game of billiards!


Imagine living in this steel can. Still, three million
humans and aliens can't all be wrong, can they?


They say you can't see the stars at night on
Uvantikrove for all the city lights. Sad.

Transfer 21

Can't find a photo of this place anywhere. That's odd.

Image credits: Gemini Observatory Artwork by Lynette Cook; Cassini Imaging Team, ISS, JPL, ESA, NASA images and Victor Habbick, composed by John Peace; ISS Expedition 30, NASA.

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