Appreciate Valin's Log?

Killian's Story

Valin's younger brother, Killian, could never sit still. Why couldn't he be the hero for once? Why did everyone have to treat him like a baby, just because he was the youngest in the family? When was a real adventure, a menvring going to come his way?

Not long after the events related in The Calling, Killian gets his wish. The nomads are beginning to run short of water, and the farmers they work for are fighting a major irrigation crisis. On top of this, after the Winter Market events, every tribe is struggling to build up their flocks and herds again. Killian is sent off with his sister, Ynant, and older brother Gulzing, to deliver a young sandback to some of their relatives in a valley, two days' walk away from camp.

An adventure comes calling on Killian and Ynant. But soon they wish that they were back home again!

This is a You-Choose-The-Adventure story. You must decide what to do next!

This feature is still under construction. Check back in a few weeks and see how it's going!


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